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The RD-M25 is a next-generation high-flow and medium weight pellet extruder. It was designed to 3D print components as fast and cost-effective as possible. It can be combined with robots or CNC machines. RD-M25 is able to output up to 25kg of material per hour.

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Water Cooling - Hot Environment Ready

The RD-M25 is able to operate in any environmental condition. The water-cooling loop keeps the whole system (motor, screw shank, reducer and feeding zone) at a constant temperature.

4 Zone Heating Barrel Control

The quadruple heat zone design helps to keep the polymer at a constant temperature. The feeding section receives cold pellets and generates more heat to melt them. Then, the compression zone stabilizes the polymer at a precise temperature ensuring the plastification process (all the solid pellets turn into a molten status). Finally, the metering heater ensures an even flow.

Multiple Nozzle Size

RD-M25 can be used with large nozzles from 3.00mm up to 12.00mm. They can also be customized.

Customized Extrusion Screw

The bimetallic customized screw design is optimized for high-resolution 3D printing. Two tapered bearings, which support the screw, allow a low friction rotation, a bore centering of the screw in the barrel and can handle the whole high axial force required to extrude in high-speed and pressure conditions.

Melting Zone Sensor

The temperature sensors are placed only 0,5 mm away from the molten polymer. Readings are reliable and accurate.

Precise Temperature Control

The four K-type thermocouple sensors are class 1, high precision sensors. The circuit has been designed to use the best resolution between 20°C and 500°C.

Powerful 2kW SERVO Motor

The powerful 2kW Geared SERVO MOTOR can handle high flow without any strain. To maximize RD-M25 extruder’s compatibility, the motor driver can accept step and direction signals, 0-10V, EtherCAT, CANopen or RS-485 as communication protocols.


The fast speed of RD-M25 is managed by a breaker. Like the faucet filter does with the water, the breaker aligns the output flow in order to avoid the spiral effect created by high-speed.

Uniform Heating

The spiral heaters wrap the whole heated barrel and ensure uniform temperature along the whole length end of the extruder.

Insulation Blanket

A special insulation blanket is used to coat the Cylinder, in order to keep the heat inside and save the energy required to reach the temperature setpoints.

Automatic Feeding System

RD-M25 can come with an optional venturi feeding system which detects the pellets level and auto-charges the extruder. Pellets can be delivered from a bulk source or directly from a dryer.


This system is necessary to remove moisture and avoid faulty parts when printing hygroscopic compounds. RD-M25 can come with different dryer capacity: 12, 25 or 50 kg per hour.

Technical Specifications
Weight 35-40 kg
Screw diameter 25 mm
Max temperature 500 °C
Max environment temperature 100 °C
Available nozzle sizes from 3.0 to 12.0 mm
Max flow 25 kg/h
Total lenght ~1000 mm
Screw lenght 28D
Heating power 2000 W
Compression ratio 2.5
Cooling water cooled
Power servo motor 2 kW
Planetary gearbox ratio from 5 to 20
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