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What we do.

REV3RD is specialized in Large Scale Additive Manufacturing with innovative and recycled materials: a revolutionary, quick and cost-effective solution to realize prototypes and projects. REV3RD is able to produce large-scale 3D objects in aeronautical, automotive and construction fields.

Limitless options and innovative materials

Pellet Extruders

REV3RD pellet extruder provides limitless print options with custom and recycled materials: affordable feedstocks, temperatures up to 500°C, faster print times.

pellet extruders

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3D Printing Systems

REV3RD 3d printers use industrial CNC motion control systems and servo drives on all axes. With their increased speed and reliability all of our machines are ready to go for industrial grade.

3d printing systems

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REV3RD provides design and manufacturing services through use of latest machine technology. Discover our services: large scale 3D printing, laser cutting, material testing, consulting and more.


Our idea of sustainability

Sustainability is the core of what we do. We want to show that sustainability is better for the environment, for people, but it can also lead to cheaper solutions.

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