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RD-HUGE is REV3RD’s first innovative large-format 3D printing machine. With a working area of 2500x2700x2100 mm, it is able to print very large industrial parts. It is an effective and industrial solution to create geometrically complex products, and it is useful for full-scale.

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Pellet Extruder

The Pellet Extrusion System consists of one high-flow pellet extruder. The number and types of materials that can be 3D printed are also greatly expanded, enabling the use of custom compounded materials ranging, from very soft rubber plastics to strong, high-temperature or carbon-fiber filled plastics.

Pellet Dryer

This system is necessary to remove moisture and avoid faulty parts when printing hygroscopic compounds.

Pellet Feeding System

In-built sensors will pause the printing process in case of an empty bulk source . An automatic venturi charger feeds the extruder’s head with granules from a bulk source or from the dryer to allow 24/7 printing.

Technical Specifications
Build volume x 2500, y 2700, z 2100 mm
Extruder type pellet extruder
Pellet dimension 3.0mm commercial resin pellets
Nozzle diameter from 3.0 to 10.0 mm
Max extruder temperature 500 °C
Layer height from 0.1 to 2.5 mm
Monitoring webcam
Max acceleration up to 5000 mm/s2
Position repeatibility +-0.1 mm
Printer dimension x 3568, y 3700, z 3225 mm
Weight 3 tons
Connectivity USB, LAN, WiFi
Power (1-3 PH) 5-20 kW
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